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Contact No-  022-22150831 ( Office)

Parliamentary Constituency  -  SOUTH MUMBAI


 How to reach to KV No.2 Colaba

1.  KV No.2  Colaba is situated in New Navy Nagar Campus which comes under high security Defence Area.


- Residents/ Employee in Navy Nagar Area is allowed with only valid Entry Pass     

   issued from Navy Authority.


- For Non Residents/Persons/Guests outside Navy Nagar Area, Govt. issued

  valid Photo Id proof (Including Address) is mandatory along with host   

  person Entry Pass /organization authority letter .


2.  Nearest Railway station is CSMT/CST/VT  for Express/Rajdhani/Mail trains.(5.5 KM)


    - For local trains -

    1. Church gate station (slow and fast local trains) -4.5 KM

    2. CST/VT station (slow and fast local trains) -5.5 KM  


    - To  reach from above stations to Navy Nagar Gate, Taxi / Buses are avaiable.


*  Other Railway stations are given below for Mail/Express/ Rajdhani trains.


      (I) Mumbai Central Railway Station - 12 KMs from Navy Nagar ,Colaba.

          (A) Taxi from Mumbai Central to Navy Nagar.

            (B) Local Trains from Mumbai Central to Churchgate and from Churchgate to

                   Navynagar take either taxi/ BEST buses.

             (C) BEST buses are from Mumbai central up to Navy Nagar.


     (II) Bandra Terminus Station -  25 KMs from Navy Nagar,Colaba.

            (A) Taxi  from Bandra Terminus to Navy Nagar.

            (B) Auto from Bandra Terminus to Bandra Local Station.

                  From Bandra Local Station – take Local Train up to Churchgate.

                  From Churchgate Station – take Taxi / Bus up to Navy Nagar.


    (III) Lokmanya Tilak Terminus- 26 KMs from Navy Nagar,Colaba.

         (A) Taxi  from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus to Navy Nagar.

           (B) Auto from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus to Kurla / Tilak Nagar Local Station.

                - From Kurla Local Station – take Local Train up to CST local station( Central Line).

                - From Tilak Nagar Local Station – take Local Train up to CST station.(Harbor Line).


3. Nearest Airport -  Chhtrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport,Mumbai.

    (Chhatrapati Shivaji Domestic Airport (Terminal-1A,1B,1C)- Santacruz East/Vileparle Airport)

      - Take Taxi from CST Airport to Navy Nagar,Colaba.( 26 KMs.)

     - Take Taxi from Airport to Nearest Local Rail station ( Santacruz / Vileparle )

        and take local trains from Santacruz / Vileparle up to Churchgate station.

        Take Taxi / bus  from Church gate station to Navy Nagar colaba.